Having worked as a nurse in a hospital for many years, I was skeptical about going to a chiropractor for treatment. Since 2001, I’ve been receiving lots of medical treatment for my back. When I started treatment with Dr. Arvig, I was having severe pain in my leg and unable to do my normal activities. After a few weeks of treatment, I was much improved and I am now feeling much better than I have for many months. I appreciate Dr. Arvig’s professional manner and the friendly and caring atmosphere at Oneka Chiropractic.

– Myrna O.

Oneka Chiropractic was a life-line to me when I really needed it. My lower back pain was affecting my knee and foot and Dr. Arvig helped me understand how that was happening and what needed to be done to feel better. His expert care helped me reach recovery and now I am pain free. I don’t know what I would have done without Oneka and Dr. Arvig.

– Mary C.

I was referred to Oneka Chiropractic from my medical doctor because of having severe lower back pain. I was seen right away and found out I had a disc injury. Dr. Arvig set up a treatment plan immediately and really worked with me to get me feeling better. I was to the point of not being able to remember how it felt to do day to day things without having such severe pain. I am now going on my 4th week of treatments and am feeling so great! Zona and Dr. Arvig both care so much for their patients and I personally got to experience that. Thank you so much again for working with me. You guys are greatly appreciated!

– Naomi H.

Dr. Arvig is very friendly and caring. He genuinely cares about my well being. He takes the time to listen to me and works on the issues I have.

– Russ R.

Dr. Arvig takes the time to listen to his patients and understand the root of our spinal problems. He always behaves professionally and I am impressed with the depth of his knowledge.

– Phil H.

I’ve been going to see Dr. Arvig for 5 years and I’ve been very pleased with him and his staff. he has helped me through many back and neck issues. Most problems have been work and car accident related flare-ups. When I need an adjustment his care giving response is right then and there. His knowledge is above and beyond other chiropractors I have had in the past. I recommend him to as many as I can.

– Dawn S.

I like going to Oneka Chiropractic because I always feel good when I leave. Dr. Arvig is a real friendly and experienced Doctor. Dr. Arvig is very helpful on what to do and not to do on helping your symptoms. I will send all my friends and family to him.

– Jill L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Arvig for many years and have never had a problem getting an appointment in a hurry when needed. He and his staff are always cheerful and accommodating to my needs. It has amazed me how much our day to day activities can effect our backs. I am sure one of the reasons I enjoy my retirement is because of the excellent chiropractic care I have received here. Thank you Dr. Arvig and Zona.

– Melanie L.

I started treatment with Dr. Arvig in 2004 as I was becoming less and less able to perform duties at work such as typing, writing and physical arm stregth activities. Chiropractic treatments with Dr. Arvig has been the only treatment I’ve sought out and found to be effective. Several accident events and being electrocuted led to the problems I have had over the years. Dr. Arvig has coordinated care with other professionals (neurologists, orthopedists, radiologists) to determine accurate treatment plans and diagnosis. His treatment and expertise has allowed me the relief necessary to become self-employed and still have the strength to do my favorite hobby-woodworking. If you’ve listed chiropractic as a last treatment option or haven’t even considered it, do yourself a favor and at least get in for a free consultation.

– Benjamin S.

Dr. Arvig is a man that you can tell from the first time you meet him cares about you and getting you better as fast as he can. Out of every doctor I have ever been to he is the only one I would tell my family and friends to go and see. He is one of a kind.

– Jason L.